benefits of using readmore in your blog

there are some function of a blog that you can exploit to improve the performance of your blog. One of them is the read more function. "Read more" is a kind of function to obtain full article of the summary article that appear on front page. So to read your article in full, then reader has to click on “read more” button. What are the benefits of using such function? please see below post


corelation between headline and readers

As a blogger you must understand the importance of a headline. Why you must ? Because with headlines, bloggers could lead readers to visit their blog. That is why bloggers from all over the place are trying to compete to show a good headline. A good headline can produce even to thousands of traffic. So headlines is your weapon to generate traffic for your blog. You don’t believe it ? then read to the following.


Blogging is Fun

Many people are do blogging just to chase money. They are trying desperately to be accepted in the advertising program without regard the pleasure of doing a blog. Yes, blogging is very fun. It is also very useful for your personal development. You can learn to write a good article. Like me for example, a few months ago I never write an article even on a sheet of paper. Now I am able to write articles for each of my blogs and websites out there. For this blog I was write 1 or 2 posts per day. Unless some time ago, where I'm trying to create a customized template of this qontent blog. But in the end only its logo are mounted.

The best benefits of blogging activities is to help people. Just imagine if you're having trouble, what do you do? asking some people is the top choice for this problem. Ask a search engine is like ask a people. He will


Basic unstyled blogger template

If you are working on a HTML design and having difficulties on how to convert your design into blogger, I will give you unstyled template so you can apply your style into it. But remember do not apply this on your main blog. Try it first on your test blog before you apply. This is an unstyled template, so you need to style it with css and some css selector id and class into it.

The code :