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Sometimes ideas do not come even if you try to squeeze your head like anything else. In these circumstances absolutely you need a refreshment. Try walking the street at your leisure, or maybe go on holiday to somewhere new for a new experience. From there, there are many things that you can make an idea for a post. Maybe you could write about a place where you just visit, or just give testimony or review of the coffee you just enjoy it somewhere. Or maybe you find an interesting event when you're walking the street. Of course it would be better if you can capture all of that with a camera.

Library is a repository of ideas.

Sometimes reading an article someone can give you ideas. I demonstrated the incident that happened to me, recently I read about Markus Frind who successfully reap hundreds of thousands of dollars per month with google adsense is pinned service on his website in I then felt curious about google adsense service that can make someone a millionaire through the website. Then I started to find out what it is google adsense. Then I met an obstacle, I was not able to create a website, so how is it possible while I do not know of any html tags. Moreover, making a site with programming in it. Making that even I could not static. I find out again, this time by using google. Then what do I get? There are many sites that use google adsense and even many blogs that use it. Then I found something interesting here. I am not required to create a website, I just need to have a blog and I will be trying to at least follow their footsteps. From there arose my intention to create a blog that I give the name of this qontent. Need I remind you, that what I discuss in this section is a library is a storehouse of ideas. So this time I was not writing about the background of this qontent established or trying to write autobiography. I was not as successful as one of them I mentioned above. But I try to direct you to illustrate my experience that the book is a source of ideas. And where those books you usually meet? the answer is a bookstore and library. So you have to come to the library when you find it difficult to get an idea of writing content. Why a library? I certainly do not forbid you to read at the bookstore if that book stores will allow you to read in place. Or maybe you'll buy a few books to look for an idea. But I do not recommend it. In the library everyone is free to read as many books as they want. Or maybe some libraries require to make registration first, but I guess that does not spend too much money. Once you get an idea of writing a content, then you may borrow or buy some books as a reference for writing.

Use the Search Engine.

The best alternative is to use search engine. Pick things that can attract attention and readers. Then browse and grab a few articles for reference. I highly recommend this. Besides you can save much time, you are able to do promotions with leaving a few comments on the blogs of others, or better known as blogwalking. You get many benefits from this. First you get the articles and ideas you need, second you build good relations with the inhabitants of the other blogosphere, three you get a backlink which can help increase the ranking of your site or blog.

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