What bloggers should do

There are so many things that must be scheduled by the blogger. Starting from the update content on a regular basis, improve the appearance of the blog, make easy navigation to trace by the reader, doing promotion for your blog for a visit. Here I explain that it in more specific.

Do not leave your reader

If you already have a blog that is visited by many people, or is being pioneered blogs to have many visit, one thing you must remember. Never leave your reader. Continue to update at least once a week. Over that time, you could say your blog readers will be left.

Give more information

Basically, Internet users hungry for information. Provide more servings for the content informative. Do not hesitate to collect a lot of resources and news. Treat your readers with much new information and current.

Improve the look of your blog

template is Media that you need to put the content. The better and draw your template, the more comfortable your blog reader will be. Do not place too many pictures or advertisements that are annoying, it can reduce the value of your blog. Avoid pop-up window display. Some readers really hate pop ups. Not all Internet users are people who are experts, they could be misled by the window and be reluctant to come visit again.

Arrange the blog navigation

Blogs that favored by visitors is a blog that is easy to navigate. They need a way to track every article that you write. A bad navigation eliminates your chance to get one more reader. If your blog has good navigation, the reader will enhoy browse through your blog looking for information and will most likely visit again later.

Promote your blog

It does not matter if you write hundreds of articles but no one ever read it. Look for readers by promoting your blog. Let people know your blog. From offline start by telling your friends, close friends. then online, publish on your facebook or twitter account, thus expected to have someone interested in your writing and visiting your blog. submit articles to article directory sites like ezinearrticle and go article. If someone likes what you write there, they will visit your blog to see if there are other posts that you make. Ping every time you perform the update, let search engines find your changes. Burn your feed to feedburner. Take advantage of the facilities such as google buzz or yahoo messenger . Be active in the forums that addresses the same topic with your blog. include a link back to your blog in your signature, or include your links in your posts on the forum. But use good language and be careful. Many forums do not like the link embedded in the post. Do blogwalking, visit your friends turn on each other fellow bloggers to blog. Make sure blog that you visit has a theme similar to your blog. do not make other people who picked up the theme with you as the enemy, he is a friend. Leave a comment, a good comment and do not forget to include a link back to your blog. when a visitor of their blogs or blog owner likes your comment, they'll see blogs like what you write. Feel free to follow their blog, they too will follow your blog later. If they have been following your blog, they probably see updates you are doing and chanse they see your blog is very big.

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