Writing in Foreign Language

The more you understand your writing , the more people understand what you write . Sometimes writing in a foreign language is a liability if you do not want to restrict your readers. English is the language most widely understood by the people. But really in pity, many bloggers already give up before they even try.

Do not be afraid of

The core of the most important writing in a foreign language is not to be afraid of. Someone out there will fix it for you. What are the benefits of this? The first you will be communicating with more readers. The second you develop the ability themselves. Do not think of anything higher, start from low first. Be bold one at first, to further learn to be true.


familiarize yourself writing in a foreign language. This is useful for developing your personal skills. Practicing with diligence is the key. Do not expect suddenly you become a master of karate, if you previously reluctant to even move your feet.

Provide dictionaries

Dictionaries are your friend when dealing with foreign languages. Never be reluctant to open up your thick dictionary to find words that you do not know.

Software translator

The latest technology helps you to adapt the article into various languages. Let the software translators adapt your article into the language you want. But you need to remember, a piece of software has its limitations. Do not expect your translator software will give you a perfect result. Reread the article results of the translation software and adjust the grammar. Generally,difficult words are not able to translate by the software interpreter, this time take back your thick dictionary and replace the unknown word with one from the dictionary to make your article complete and readable for human.

A little to share with you, I am a native Indonesian. Although I was quite often to communicate in English, but when I write an article, I am still having trouble. Until now I was quite accustomed to and produce one or two articles a day. And just information, I previously spent many hours just to write 2 or 3 short paragraphs.

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