Junk Content & Quality Content

When I looking for ideas to write my next post, I found an interesting blog. To some extent they have a similar understanding with me. I quote a few sentences of their article:
"High quality content not only serves as a sustainable foundation for SEO (unlike junk content, the which is likely, to be dropped from the search engines as fast as Theys cans Recognize it), but since it's Also shared by readers with Their friends, it gets more non-search traffic. WHO and visitors click through a recommendation from a friend arrive in a more receptive frame of mind, the which only increase of conversions cans. "

From the sentence that I quote above, which I have asked for permission to them first, I get a conclusion that quality content is the true basis of SEO. I add also, I understand that writing a quality content is a pretty tough job. But writing an original content that you made your own is not that difficult. Let readers decide whether what you write has a quality or not, you should not have relied to write just an article that having high in quality. As long the content you write is original it is still better than copy & paste some one else’s article.

Can you note once again, how even more quality content help your blog. No need to hurry to get  traffics. what you need is looking for readers. You do not write for search engines. But you write to be read by humans from various parts of the world.

Once again, I proved what I've written in this blog is true. I do not copy & paste. I also do not use a specific program to generate articles. Which resulted in garbage piled in the blog or which they called junk-content. What I write is sourced from some other article and also some of my personal experience.

What can generate interest in your writing is motivation. Build your motivation back to direct you into good things. When looking for as much money as possible over the Internet is your main motivation, then you should reconsider your motives. Such motivation tends to make you to justify immediate ways. And the more frequently used way is not a good way. Make your motivation to be a little more noble. Like for example helping someone. Do not you realize that what you write in your blog content will someday help someone? if you feel what I write can help you then I will continue writing. But if you feel what I write does not help you out a bit, then I will try to write better than what I can give at this time. The point is try to develop ourselves better.

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