How to Write Content

No, I am not trying to give information about how to type or how to post an article into a blog, or how to write a content into a website through its HTML tags that makes dizzy. But i will try to guide you on how to create a good article or even qualified.

The main point is idea

What will you write if you don't even have idea on what you want to write ? So the main point is Idea. And then develop it into a content. A good content should come from an idea.

Write your idea to become content

Write your found ideas into small paper or type it into words or even notepad as soon as you find it. This will help you to prevent any of your fresh idea vaporate and gone. If you like to or have read autobiografi of famous people, you will find some on their writes about how they became success for idea they just get accidentally. They are not meditating to find those idea. The idea just across on head, that's way never hold back to write all the idea and develop it.

Index your idea to write better content

What you have to do after found an idea and note it ? Next off course you should develop and sort it. Understand it carefully on what you want to write and develop according the main idea. An index really will help you a lot to write a article that informative and attractive.

Collect sources to support content

Some of good invention sourced from previous invention. So do not hold back to look for support argument or articles for yours with articles that already been published by someone. But please note, this is not mean a copy  & paste activity but more for modifying and summarizing article with more information and attractive than before.

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