Be Different Be Original

Hufff....after two days of hard work trying to custom qontent template i couldn't help but only put the logo on the top. Everything run in a mess when i try to applied the custom template on my test blog. The comment function isn't work. I couldn't look for the cause as there isn't any article which actually explain each step. Even after i browse through google. The only good one site provide such tutorial just http://www.ourblogtemplates.com/ . Visit them if you want to work on customize your blogspot template.

Finaly i wasting my precious two day to get only a logo. Well, i wouldn't use something with such trouble.
And having a logo isn't a bad thing actually. I just try to be different. Why different ? check my post bellow.

Different = Original

I want to ask you something. What makes your content original ? Because you write it on your own right ?
But the basic thing is actually because your content is different from other. I could say, even if you write your content on your own, but there is actually someone who did like what you did, i mean same topic, or even may be same word ! but i though that would some how impossible, then which one is the original ? readers would easily say " no one is original ". Why ? because looking for " who copied who " isn't a nice job. And save your breath from says " Hey ! i'm the first who made it. I'm the original one !" loudly on internet. Readers wouldn't bother with that. So the point is, Keep your work different from others. If you provide same like other, reader would actually choose nicer one. Then it would be a war about " who could candy the reader's eye, that's the winner ".

Readers come to you because you are different !

Keep that sentence strongly in your mind. It is a fact. Trust me. If you still didn't i'll tell you some thing.

Yesterday, when i try to custom my template i facing a trouble. The comment isn't function properly. Then what would i do ? I look for the cause but then give up. I have no clue. The only answer out there is asking to Uncle Google. I try to browse but what i found ? There are no site that actually tells the reader about their promised title. I mean, i could find plenty of title like " making your own blogger template " or " building your blogger template from scratch ", but what they write isn't actually like what the title says. They don't even mention about blogger tags line ! See ? there are plenty site like that. You can browse through google if you still didn't believe me. Then after hours of browsing i found one site that different from other. the http://www.ourblogtemplates.com/ that i have mentioned above. What is their different ? Just check their site. You will understand. It's not like the other site who use such title just to draw reader's attention. They provide genuine article which talk about real template modification. So i keep talking about them on this entire post because i know, they are different from other and could be useful for your template modification project. I believe there are hundreds that talking about them on their post just like me. Why ? because they are really helpful. They are different. They are Genuine. They are original. So the point here is, be different from others. You will get real reader when you do that. Trust me.

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