Content can kill your blog

I'm not trying to scare you. I expose the truth. A site or a more specific this time I go to the blog, if that does not have a quality content, it will always be empty of visitors. No matter how often you promote your blog, pay for various programs like ptc or ppc, follow many traffic exchanges, if what you serve is not considered useful by others, they will stop visiting you. It could be you still get traffic as long your credit on twiends still insufficient, or you are still able to pay the paid advertising program. But how long can you survive? If you are managing money blog, you actually will get the loss. How to solve this problem? the only way is to present good content. Share things that are sought. And actively participate in the blogosphere.

Do not let readers leave you.

This is the most painful for managing a blog and a nightmare. Therefore keep serving new things on your blog. Continue to update and write much more informative content. A little deal, also provide items that can be downloaded by readers. What sort of things should you provide? can be many things! ranging from MP3 which is a lot searches of people, but need I remind you, do not provide copyright-protected mp3, although I know for sure there was hardly any mp3 that can be downloaded with free on internet is legal. Provide interesting video. You can pick it up from some place that does allow you to put it on your blog. Do not hesitate to contact them via email to obtain permission from them, and do not forget to also include evidence of permission from their license at certain pages in your blog. Provide also some free software. Remember that Internet users really eager for something that smelled free. You can also set up several e-book on tutorial that discusses the things that many people looking like for example, e-book tutorial on making a blog template, of course, which is free transmitted. If you must attach the original source, attach it on your blog. That is a sign you respect the legality and the work of others. Fulfill your content with informative articles, internet users really like information. Little change your template to be more artistic and interesting. Make the reader is welcome to browse the pages of your page for hours. The conclusion here is satisfy your reader ! Do not ever let your readers leave. Please note, a site that has rarely do the update will be left by its readers.

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