Experimenting with content

My first ever post about similar things, but what I discussed this time was my personal experience. I'm not talking about tips or guides, but just sharing experiences with you.

Frankly I just recently started writing in the blog. Probably about 5 or 6 months. That because my interest of a book that talks about a blogpreneur, because he was successful from the blog, about a fantastic income. I started to figure out how to create a blog, how to fill the blog content, what should be discussed in a blog, search for a specific theme, read SEO books, web management system, something I put together a wide range of information even though at first I did not understand.

Then I tried to experiment writing some blogs with a different style of writing, discussing different things. Starting from a personal blog about me, bali tourism, by coincidence I was a reservation staff in a tour and travel in Bali. I noticed how the fate of every blog that I wrote. Monitoring each of article like what that can provoke interest in reading or which frequently visited. And I can honestly say, this blog is the most unvisited. Indeed I am just doing promotional in occasion, but the most important thing here, is the language and style of writing. I am a 100% Indonesian. I was able to communicate in English, but I'm not the one who is able to write articles in English.

Some facts that I found during my experiments are as follows:
1. blogs that use the style of casual and brief language is preferred.
2. readers are very lazy to read long articles, unless associated with tutorials and such.
3. blogs that include graphics images are preferred
4. blog that uses a custom template is preferred
5. blogs that have many comments is preferred.
6. the more you visit other blog and leave comments, the more people will visit your blog.
7. using a traffic exchange, promotion through facebook or twitter just bring in visitors. Not the readers.
8. writing in a foreign language is hard.

Actually the last point is what I'm experiencing now. Yes, writing in a foreign language is very difficult. Because of that, blogs that I write in a foreign language is very slow displaying new content.

If you notice, I use google translate to help me adapt the articles I write, and then translated it into English. As a result, enough to help me save time to translate the article I longly wrote for this blog. But it needs improvement, here and there. Some things I did not fix I keep showing it, I want to see the response. And my guess is correct, many people do not understand and immedietely leave my site. For some updates in the future I will use my article that was written without a translator, I want to see if anything has changed when I do it.

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You're right! Interesting and nice blog. Do you want link exchange? Thx!

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hehehe..thanks for visiting...i'll see yours also..

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