One Post a Day

Contents are soul of a blog and website. What if the soul was no longer maintained? blogs you manage may be considered dead by readers. So to avoid that, make sure to have something new to add into your blog content.

What is the point on updating periodically? many benefits derived from regular updates.  first we maintain our blog’s lives, second we pleasing readers, the third enrich our blog content, the fourth train our creativity and personal development.

How often do we need to update our blog? there are no clear limits to it. But you need to consider also, if you are using blogspot as host to your blog, make 30 posts a day could be considered as a spam. That means the updates you do actually harm your blog. Indeed all the things that excessive is not good. The most ideal is 1 or 2 posts in one day. As time passes, your content will be rich of article. You do not need to hurry cram a variety of content into your blog. Select an article that related with your blog theme. this way, you also maintain the quality of your blog.

I have talk about "search for content ideas." on my post before. Use it when you're having trouble finding ideas to write content. That would help to keep your blog updated regularly. With doing regular update, it is also useful for capturing new visitors.

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