Do not believe the instant way

I guaranteed to you, that there is hardly a good thing to be earned from everything that instant. I give example about  an instant noodle. You can make it very instant, it’s even only takes a few minutes. But the effect would come later. You may risking your health someday with consuming only instant noodle like that. The phenomenon that occurs among websites and blogs managers in the internet world are similar with that.

Many people are tempted to try out things that instant. Like example development of links in bulk to increase the ranking of websites in the eyes of search engines or in good simple language is link building scheme. With one click you will get hundreds even thousands backlink. Very instant. But you should
know, it is not fair to your website it would gives you a bad effect. Your website could actually banned by search engines. Here I give some things that are often misunderstood by the manager of a website or blog.

1. Mass Link
"Get Thousands of inbound links instantly!" Maybe you often get an email with such subject in your inbox. Or maybe you saw it in some ads on websites that you visit. What they offer is spam.  There is no search engines who like spam. This is actually dangerous to websites that you promote. Not only you had bad reputation in the eyes of search engines, your website will be have bad reputation in the eyes of readers also. The possibilities that there are visitors reluctant to come to your website are highly decreased. Not mention you may appear on first row of a search list, actually you may not have a search engine that lists your website to pages even on the rear of their search list.

Not only readers that appreciate a reputation, search engine even greatly appreciate reputation. Backlink that occur naturally  is means that your readers appreciate the articles you write and feel your website or blog useful for other readers and include a link to your website in their blog for free. In other word, readers put one way links to your website. May be in the category of "usefull source" link  like mine or quotes one of your article and put the link source, in this case the link will be linked to your website. With this then your website has a good reputation in the eyes of readers as well as search engines.

2. Link Exchange
People used to believe, more and more links leading to your website, the better your position in the eyes of search engines. Website manager then rushing in looking for partners to exchange links. No matter whether their partners have a website with the same theme or a topic which is relevant to their website. With this they, website managers and their partners with whom to exchange links, feel they are equal benefit. But this proved to be inviting disaster for them. Google and other search engines regard it as a bad scheme when they noticed the presence of hundreds of link-farm, automated facility that is placed on the website and instantly build thousands of link exchange to other websites that become participants. Which then makes google and other search engines is more alert to the practice of exchanging links.

3. Without Anchor Text Links
If you get a 1.000 back links without anchor text, your website will soon be categorized as a spammer. Anchor text is one that is used to assess the relevance of the link between two websites. Besides can be categorized as spam, relevance is not detected due to lack of anchor text also cause the value of back links is very low.

This also applies to blog manager that put backlinks to sites they consider useful. If there are many site administrators like you, it will be very sorry for all the websites that you deem valuable that could be categorized as spam because many people mistake. When in fact the website does not do spam. So for those of you who wishes to enter a link into the content of your site, should add the anchor text to show the relevance and evidence of a link is added on the awareness and not a spam.

4. Relevance
The ability of search engines will certainly grow. They are now able to detect the relevance of a link. If the link is obtained is irrelevant for the purpose of the link, then the value of those links would be considered low. Moreover if there are thousands of such links, then the worst could even be considered spam.

So be careful if you want to leave backlinks in a blog or website. Make sure beforehand whether the website has similarity or relevance to the theme or topic that you use in your website content.

5. Paying for a linkback
Many people are tempted to put a back link on a website that has a high page rank. It is expected to increase the pagerank of your own website. Sometimes there are several sites with high pagerank offers this service with the rather expensive price. Web Manager such high pageranked regards linkback selling business is very profitable.

But some time lately, where the ability of search engines in assessing a relevancy has improved, the practice of buying and selling these links can be easily detected by them. What happens when such practices are known by the google? which obviously you should not try. Your pagerank will decline drastically, not to mention the possibility of your website will be excluded from the search list.

good and right Link building is providing benefits for the long term. Do not get stuck with things that are instant. Let everything flow naturally. Things you need to build is good content. With good content, backlinks pointing to your website will wake up slowly and give a good effect. Something that you can instantly, have the chance to instantly destroyed as well. Surely you do not want your pageranks down in real time, when you build it very hard. I’ll give good example for you about what good content can do, this content is based on an article I have read before on the website SEOBali, unfortunately their website is made in the Indonesian language. So I can’t include it in my "usefull resource" link list. But I include them in the source link below. If you are interested, please visit their website to obtain useful information.

Before I finish this post I would invite you to think for a moment. This is a clear example of how a website get backlinks from other websites or blogs. They do not force me nor do they pay me to do this. This alone is the power of content. If you are able to make the content as they are, it is not impossible you could make a lot of backlinks without requiring you to work hard or be involved in the scheme of building a bad link. Obviously you will save more money thanks to this. So I wrote this article for you, I hope this useful enough for you. My main point here is continue to develop into a better than today.

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