corelation between headline and readers

As a blogger you must understand the importance of a headline. Why you must ? Because with headlines, bloggers could lead readers to visit their blog. That is why bloggers from all over the place are trying to compete to show a good headline. A good headline can produce even to thousands of traffic. So headlines is your weapon to generate traffic for your blog. You don’t believe it ? then read to the following.

What you see first when you open a newspaper?
I am sure you will read the headline first before further explore its content. How about a post in the blog? Actually they are same; the first thing read by all readers is certainly a headline or post title. Think of your headline as the first impression for readers. Because your reader may won’t come to your blog if your first impression isn’t good at all.

Readers like unique things
Basically, readers likes something unique and different. Here is the real test of creativity for bloggers to generate a unique headline before they present unique content that can offset these headlines. When there are millions of bloggers present "100 quick way to get money" then you could look different by using "who said no quick way to get money ?" as your headline. When you look different, readers will interested to read your blog further.

You must already accustomed to seeing great things on the internet. That’s way sometimes displaying usual things can make you light in the eyes of readers. "A leaf will not be conspicuous in the forest, on the contrary will be conspicuous when being in the king's throne." Do you understand these words mean? This word is actually used to teach that usual thing will be seen prominently in the middle of something extraordinary. If you've seen in flashy headlines, then reader will be led by curiosity to your blog.

We've noticed that a headline is a powerful weapon to invite readers and increase blog traffic. Now we will see again, Could you provide content in accordance with the headlines that you provide? remember, presenting content that is incompatible with your headline can mean you have been deceiving the reader. And deceived reader would not coming back to your blog. The reputation of your blog to be at stake here. Without good reputation, all you write would seem nonsense to people. So prepare well content to suit your headlines and choose a headline that able to describe your content.

In closing I give a conclusion for you. A very simple formula.

Good headline + content does not match = betray readers = no returning reader.
Bad headline + good content = almost unread.
Regular headline + Regular content = few reader.
Nice headline + fit content = a lot of reader.

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Pakde Cholik said...

A title of an article is very important.Many people advised me to create a unique, bombastic or sometime look strange title. Also it is important to consider various titles when we write a tutorial so that attract readers by using "How to ", 3 steps of ", etc.

I like this article.
Thank you

warm regadrs

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