Template versus content

Many people assume, a website or blog with a visual or a nice template, must have good content too. But this is not entirely correct. It is no doubt biased, every reader happy with great performance. But what's the point having a good look but do not have the contents that support it. And not always site that have a sober view its content  is not good. I give a good example,, he uses a standard template provided by blogspot. But the visitors are hundreds each day. Why? because the content he offered is so attractive. He tried to give a moral message through an interesting cartoon illustrations and educational. I think like this before, when the author of blogs stuff no one told me able to draw illustrations so good, of course, create a blog template is not difficult for him. But why did he not do that? It could be because he does not understand html tags like me, but i feel then that given blogspot template is enough as a medium conveys information to him. He does not need a flashy template to convey the contents of his blog. But enough with a simple template, but rich in content.

adjust templates to match content.

Once again, understand exactly what you want to convey to your readers. Template is just the media that helps you to make your blog more interesting. A template that is too flashy even if not in accordance with content that at present, it will reduce the value of a website or blog itself. For example I tried to illustrate a website that talks about surfing, but uses a template by drawing a picture that has nothing to do with surfing. will look so poor. Conversely, if we add just one surf board to the header image site or blog, it really adds value to your site or blog when we remember that we are indeed talking about surfing.

Simple is best.

Believe me, knick knacks that are too excessive wealth of content would interfere with your website or blog. Laying pictures or ads that are wrong can make the reader feel no longer enjoy reading your site or blog. Not to mention it causes a very slow loading pages, so even the page was not fully loaded, readers may already be clicking the close button or back to get away from your site. Then what is a template really is? Templates should be able to support you in delivering content that you want to serve. Do not be excessive, just keep it simple is best. In addition to not obscure the value of a website or blog, is also able to speed up page loading. Moreover it will help the spiders to crawl web pages to your website or blog so that you will be favored by search engines.

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