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Perhaps who have read my previous post here, will be surprised. Or maybe you have not read my previous post, you should read here now for more details. Previously I've written that bring traffic was very easy. And that is not really that kind of thing we want. Many times I have emphasized that a reader is better than hundreds of traffic which drop on temporarily, and then disappeared. Then why do I use this title for my post this time? This is what called Niche.

What is a Niche and the relation to bring traffic.

Niche or hot topic was very lively discussion. Webmaster or blog managers who use their blogs to harvest money of course knows and fully understands the meaning of the word. But still I’ll explain to you who still feel confused about the meaning of the term this one. Niche is a popular topic that is much in demand. Like for instance a few weeks ago you probably also know, that was busy talking on the internet about Beiber justin is actually a 56-year-old man in disguise. Up there, did you already have an idea of niche? At that time, the managers of the blog roll crowded lift it to the post topic into their blog. What purpose? to bring traffic.
They hope, millions of people looking for news articles that discussed it will be guided by the search engine to their site. We get the conclusion right now, if you intend to get at least a few new visitors, use the niche to the article you are going to write next post in your blog.

Right title more traffic.

Selection of the title must also be highly considered. In addition to the search engines needed to index the keywords we are targeting, certainly at least hit the niche that we want. Think of it this way, what would happen if I use a title like this, “How to bring in readers”. At least you also know that fewer people looking for news like that with search engines. So the result I get is very minimal. Not to mention they asked, what's the point bringing the reader? Therefore I use the “How to Bring in Traffic” as the title of my post this time, because I know very well that so many people, primarily money management blogs, looking for articles that discuss “how to bring traffic” so my chance are high to get a bigger audience. But I must inform you, when you write something related to the niche that you use, it must be relevant and not misleading to bring traffic purposes only. Serve a post that really has a quality, so those who had been trapped was not immediately close the browser page with disappointment. Yes, I'm sure you had experienced it, when you are trying to find an information and feel there are so many websites or blogs that provide information as you wish, but in the end what they offer is not what you are looking for. And then you leave with dissapoint.What about my posting this time? I'm not lying about how to bring traffic. I have described to you what is niche, how to use a niche, and the selection of titles to support the niche. Next I will describe how to optimize your niche that already provide.

Social Bookmarking for solutions to bring traffic.

You have to write an article and you are sure that it is warm or a niche topic this week. You have set such a hit for niche keywords that you want. What should you do next? Waiting for the search engines to index the article you just published will take quite a while. The fastest solution is social bookmarking. Sharing articles that you write in social media networks such as facebook or twitter. Publish all your posts by feedburner or google and other buzz. At least the method is able to generate traffic in a short amount of time.

Sharing your articles to Ezinearticle.

Afterwards, you can share what you write to article submit sites such as ezinearticle. If what you write is a hot topic, I'm sure there will be many people who see your article. Do not forget to give backlinks to your site. Oh yes, and also do not forget, to avoid duplicate content, what should you submit is quite different from what you wrote in your blog or website. Can be a summary, or if you are able to make something really different with the same theme, do it. That will make your blog content remains original.

Ping every time you publish the article.

This time you want a niche that you write will be indexed by search engines. Then do ping to your blog using, this method is intended to lure spiders to immediately crawl to your blog. Which of course we expect, the search engine will immediately index the content that you write. This way you also should do every time you're finished publish a post.

If you notice my post this time, you will get an article I wrote at this time is quite long. Yes, because it means so many ways to bring traffic. What I mentioned above only some of them. How instant any way I mentioned in my previous discussion. And in fact this article was also associated little with SEO. But I will do SEO discussion for next time. Because here we want a search engine to quickly find posts that we've published immediately. So we need to conduct optimization for search engines. If you never buy or read books or reviews of books about how to bring traffic, you are going to get something at least similar to what I discuss in this post. It's just a little different with them, I put more emphasis on quality articles or content than just bring traffic only. But I had to admit it, what's the meaning of content as well as any when no one who read it.

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