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Hi, this is my first topic and also my first post. I really confuse this time about what i should post or write on my blog. That is way i try browsing to any other site and surprised on how they are able to write so interesting and beautiful. I also try my best to at least follow them even i realize that i am still very far from them

no limitation for writing

You are allowed to write content about anything you want. Displaying anything you desire. You will not be punished for that except what you write or display are someone else's that protected with copyright law. Other than that you are right to do anything you want to with your blog. You even may write only "A" letter on your post and then publish it. But is that thing are necessary ?

writing is easy, make people read what you have write that is the true challenge

Like what i have mentioned above, you are right to put only "A" letter on your blog's post. But is that will draws someone attention to read your post ? That is way poeples competee each other trying to write something interesting to draws poeple to read what they have write on their site or blog. In other word, they are trying to draw traffic. But how good the traffic that they successfully draw ? It may happen someone that visit your blog or site, soon close their browser in ten second after they see your blog. Why ? because they did not find something interesting on the post you published.

Traffic is not equal to reader

Each blog or site actually desire a consistent reader compare to a hundred traffic that drop on the site and then never come back. So each blogger and webmaster try to create content as interesting as possible. Getting traffic is actually quite easy, just try to register your site on I'm sure enough at least you will have 30 visitor will visit your blog in one single day, depend on your twiends credit. Or you can also trying traffic exchange service like But i'm sure the chance they will back to your site is not more than 2 %, except you are able to create site that really attractive and informative. Or if you are someone that able to pay a service, try to register your site on some ppc or ptc adverisement program site. But once again i mark my statement, the chance they will back to your blog is not more than 2 %. Why am i brave enough to make statement like that ? Because what they after are money or credits, they are not looking for information. You even will endanger your adsense account if you do that. Google clearly state that on their policies. It will be really a pity, your site or blog that you hardly create will waste and leaved by its reader.

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