Blogging is Fun

Many people are do blogging just to chase money. They are trying desperately to be accepted in the advertising program without regard the pleasure of doing a blog. Yes, blogging is very fun. It is also very useful for your personal development. You can learn to write a good article. Like me for example, a few months ago I never write an article even on a sheet of paper. Now I am able to write articles for each of my blogs and websites out there. For this blog I was write 1 or 2 posts per day. Unless some time ago, where I'm trying to create a customized template of this qontent blog. But in the end only its logo are mounted.

The best benefits of blogging activities is to help people. Just imagine if you're having trouble, what do you do? asking some people is the top choice for this problem. Ask a search engine is like ask a people. He will
show those people who can give answers to you. And Have you ever noticed? that most of the places where you find the answers are blogs or forums. So if you create a blog, at least also include some article that could provide useful information to the reader. I also tried for it. But that does not mean you are not permitted to write the article about your daily life. Because in my opinion, that too is an information.

Indeed by doing blogging activities, you are learning to communicate with the general public. How is its shape? can be exchanged comments, or also delivered through the article. So the real blogging activity also is a medium to communicate and socialize.

Is blogging activities generate money? of course you've heard a lot of millionaires is born from their blogging activities. No need to create a site that revolutionary. In fact, sometimes a simple blog that only includes about their daily activities can reap hundreds of dollars.

After you read this article will you be interested in blogging? if you are a layman and a new try, I highly recommend to try to get started with like one I use now. Very user friendly so that you will not have much trouble. If you are a skilled, try wordpress. Because wordpress offers some personal configurations that are not owned by the blogger. Or if you are someone who really really good? try the best known for his ability, Joomla! actually a few days ago I started create a site based on joomla. And it is also fun.

Well this is one article that I wrote when I was troublefinding any idea. For it was my goal to post at least one article on each blog. Besides that I want to sharing something with you all. I'd say, whatever the theme of your blog, basically a blog is a personal diary. So you can just post something about yourself outside of the main theme or topic of your blog. All that is not a problem. As long  the reader also liked it. So now you still say "I have long not updating my blog because I have no ideas." ? Ideas are everywhere. When you do not get the idea, you still can handle it by writing something that you are experiencing. As I'm doing now.

Continue to update your article because blogging is a fun activity. Do not make blogging as a burden because you want a monetazion from your blog.

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Jayce-o-Yesta Graphic Design Studio said...

I agree with you, I often see bloggers that even intentionally make an article as a forum for discussion within reason. I am personally very interested to know the views of people who are sometimes unique and never even thought about before.

Diah said...

yes,,i know you are one that an interesting person..i like to read your blog. it is so inspired. mind if you give some advice so my blog ?heehehe o yea, and i also plan to add your site into my usefull source will it okay for you ?

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