benefits of using readmore in your blog

there are some function of a blog that you can exploit to improve the performance of your blog. One of them is the read more function. "Read more" is a kind of function to obtain full article of the summary article that appear on front page. So to read your article in full, then reader has to click on “read more” button. What are the benefits of using such function? please see below post
Increasing the length of visits.
Read more function directly affects the addition to the length of visits. Because readers have to click it to open your article in full. So this will hold your readers longer when they visit your site.

The longer time spent by  your site readers, the more likely your ads will be noticed and the greater the likelihood your site will be in further exploration.

Enhance the reader's curiosity.
Readers like to feel curious. Readers who are curious will continue exploring on your site. And the more likely the reader to click on another link that caught their attention.

Spruce up the initial view of the blog.
In addition to the above objectives, the usage of read more function also helps to tidy up the initial view of your blog. Readers certainly prefer a neat appearance. It also can display more posts at front page because it will not make your blog become very long.

But it should also need to be remembered. Readers really do not like the slow loading time. Try not to add too many images when you use the read more.

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Allien 99 said...

thanks to visit. I'd answere ur question on my my log :)

Diah said...

yes...really thank you..i will visits your blog often to see other tips for blogging...

Pakde Cholik said...

I agree with you since I also using this technique.By using "read more" we can show many articles at front page so that give visitors to look up and read more articles.

Thank you for the useful article.

Warm regards

Yesta said...

Sometimes this expandable feature is drastically needed, whether to beautify the main page (front page of blog) or giving the main page more space for posts. If you add a Read More option on your blog; your blog post will show a first selected paragraph of your post in the main page and the rest of the post will be summarized by a “Read More” button at the end of this post.

Thankyou Diah!

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